Friday, November 19, 2010


This is an okay book written by Gordon Korman. Middle school is scary enough if you’re a normal kid. What if your name is Capricorn, you’ve never tasted pizza, and you’ve never seen a television show in your entire life? Well, then middle school might be downright terrifying. Cap Anderson has spent his entire life with his hippie grandmother on her farm commune, growing fruits and vegetables. After an accident puts Grandma in the hospital, Cap is forced to attend Claverage Middle School and live with his guidance counselor. The tradition at Claverage is for students to nominate the biggest nerd for class president, and Cap is the obvious choice.

The book claims that an ideal of the 1960s was charity. However, there were bad things about that decade including violent protests, demonization of the American military, rejection of the traditional family, and racial and gender quotas through affirmative action. In politics it included the start of Medicare, Medicaid, and federal funding of education.


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