Monday, November 15, 2010

Lunch Money

I did not like this book written by Andrew Clements. Greg started looking around the cafeteria, and everywhere he looked, he saw quarters. He saw kids trading quarters for ice cream sandwiches and cupcakes and cookies at the dessert table. He saw kids over at the school store trading quarters for neon pens and sparkly pencils, and for the little decorations like rubber soccer balls and plastic butterflies to stick onto the end of those new pencils. There were quarters all over the place, buckets of them. At that moment Greg’s view of school changed completely and forever. School had suddenly become the most interesting place on the planet. Because young Greg had decided that school would be an excellent place to make his fortune.

There were a few parts in this that I could relate to. I started my first savings account when I was 8-years-old after being baptized. I would constantly calculate how much interest I was earning. Throughout my childhood I kept saving and it was helpful during my first year of college. I also enjoy collecting coins.


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