Friday, November 12, 2010

Among the Hidden

This is an okay book written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. At a time in the future, when having more than two children is illegal, 12-year-old Luke Garner is a third born, a shadow child – his very existence punishable by death. He spends his whole life hiding and knows only his immediate family and their small farm. When a new housing development is built near his family’s home, Luke is forced into even greater secrecy, spending days and nights in his attic room. But after catching a glimpse of someone in one of the new houses, Luke is sure he’s found another third child.

I didn’t like how Luke and his family have to suffer because of their secret, and yet the other girl basically lives a normal life. It seems like she fits into a separate category and is hardly able to relate to his experience. This is the first of seven novels in the Shadow Children series.


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