Friday, April 23, 2010

Vertigo (1958)

This is a solid movie. Scottie Ferguson (James Stewart) is a detective with a serious fear of heights. He feels survivor’s guilt after witnessing the falling death of his partner. He is hired by a wealthy friend to track his wife’s daily routine because of her strange behavior. Scottie begins to fall in love after rescuing her from drowning in the San Francisco Bay. He is later devastated when she falls from a church tower and dies. After a while he spots a new woman with a close resemblance and becomes obsessed with her.

It is based on the 1954 French novel "The Living and the Dead" co-written by Pierre Boileau and Pierre Ayraud. Mission San Juan Bautista was founded on June 24, 1797, and was setup by Spanish missionaries to baptize the Native American tribes of the Ohlone and Yokuts. The British version of the film included an extra scene, mandated by censorship requirements, about Gavin Elster's capture in Europe. During most of the car scenes, the main characters are heading down the inclined streets. The art gallery that is shown is The California Palace of the Legion of Honor and was completed in 1924.


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