Thursday, January 03, 2013

Rock of Ages (2012)

This is an okay movie. In 1987, Sherrie Christian (Julianne Hough) arrives in Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a famous singer, while barback Drew Boley (Diego Boneta) prepares for another night of work at The Bourbon Room. As Sherrie approaches The Bourbon, her suitcase is stolen, including her records. Seeing the incident, Drew tries to catch the robber, but fails. He comforts Sherrie and, upon learning of her situation, he gets her a job at the Bourbon Room as a waitress. The club's owner is trying to find a way to deal with unpaid taxes that threaten the club, wishing only love of rock 'n' roll could keep it alive.

The film is an adaptation of the 2006 rock jukebox Broadway musical. The film stars country singer Julianne Hough and Mexican singer Diego Boneta. The film features the music of several 1980s rock artists including: Def Leppard, Journey, Foreigner, Guns N' Roses, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, David Lee Roth, and others. The real Mayor of Los Angeles in 1987 was Democrat Tom Bradley, the first and only African-American mayor of the city. Constantine Maroulis, who played Drew in the Broadway show, cameos as a Capitol Records executive. All of the actors sing their own parts in the film.


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