Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Apocalypse Watch

This is an okay book written by Robert Ludlum. Deep in the Austrian mountains lies a remote hideaway – the fortress like nerve center of an ominous movement, the Brotherhood of the Watch. American agent Harry Latham has penetrated this neo-Nazi organization, born in the days after the Third Reich’s defeat and with deadly tentacles reaching the United States and beyond. Now, after three years in deep cover, on the eve of his most spectacular success, Harry Latham has disappeared. Drew Latham, Special Officer for Consular Operations in Paris, is frantic to discover his older brother’s fate.

A TV movie based on it aired in 1997. This was Ludlum's second novel to focus on a neo-Nazi conspiracy to take over the world, the other being The Holcroft Covenant (1978). A running joke concerns the French being unable to pronounce "Latham" correctly.


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