Sunday, April 22, 2012

X-Men: First Class (2011)

This is a solid movie. At a World War II concentration camp in 1944, scientist Dr. Klaus Schmidt orders young Erik Lensherr to move a coin with his mind, but then kills the child's mother when he is unable to. At a mansion in New York, young telepath Charles Xavier meets young shape-shifter Raven and invites her to stay as his foster sister. Eighteen years later, Lensherr is tracking down Schmidt, while Xavier (James McAvoy) is graduating from Oxford University. Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), with an ability to absorb and redirect energy, intends to start World War III, destroy the humans, and trigger mutant dominance.

This is the 5th film in the series. This was the first English language film for Spanish actor Álex González who played Riptide, a mutant with the ability to create powerful whirlwinds. Jekyll Island, off the coast of the state of Georgia, was used during filming. The 1960s setting was inspired by the James Bond films of that era. Visual effects were done by six companies. The mirrored nuclear reactor scene where Magneto battles Shaw was influenced by the mirror maze fight in Enter the Dragon (1973). The naval battle was almost entirely digital. The British pop group Take That provided the official song, "Love Love."


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