Sunday, March 18, 2012

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

This is an okay movie. Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) is dating Frank Navasky (Greg Kinnear), a leftist postmodernist newspaper writer. Using AOL on her laptop she creates the screen name of 'Shopgirl' and meets Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) in a chat room, who is using the name of 'NY152.' They have a lot of similar interests and start exchanging e-mails, but agree to not share any personal information. Joe Fox's family happens to open a bookstore chain on the same street where Kathleen operates a small independent store. Publicly they start to develop a real distaste for each other, without realizing that they are the same people exchanging private messages.

The title comes from the trademark greeting for a new e-mail message used by AOL. The film is based on the 1937 Hungarian play Parfumerie, written by Miklós László. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had appeared together previously in Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) and Sleepless in Seattle (1993).


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