Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

This is an okay movie. On Christmas Eve, a young boy calls into a radio talk show and tells a psychologist that his father Sam (Tom Hanks) has been unable to move on since his wife passed away. Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) is travelling from Baltimore, Maryland to Washington, D.C. after a dinner with her fiancée at her parent's house. She is flipping through radio stations and hears the boy's call. She immediately becomes fascinated with the widowed man. She writes a letter saying that she would like to meet him in New York City, but then tosses it away. Her friend Becky (Rosie O’Donnell) decides to mail it anyway and the boy convinces his father that they should go see her.

A musical version is expected to premiere in Pasadena, California on June 12. The film was inspired by An Affair to Remember (1957) and used both its theme song and footage. The Rainbow Room was an upscale restaurant and nightclub on the 65th floor of the GE Building in the Rockefeller Center. Ryan and Hanks appeared together in Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) and then again in You've Got Mail (1998).


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