Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Any Given Sunday (1999)

This is an okay movie. The Miami Sharks are struggling to make the playoffs in 2001. During the thirteenth game of the season, both the starting quarterback Jack "Cap" Rooney (Dennis Quaid) and the second-string quarterback Tyler Cherubini are injured and forced to leave the game. This leaves them to play with third-string quarterback Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx). After some adjustments he starts to show great success on the field, but his arrogance causes him to clash with his coach and some of the other players. During the playoffs Cap returns but is quickly injured again. Beaman apologizes to his teammates and then goes out to replace him.

During the 1985 Super Bowl, the Miami Dolphins lost to the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 38 to 16. It was on the same day that Ronald Reagan was inaugurated for a second term as President. Al Pacino's character was inspired by Coach Tom Landry. Christina Pagniacci is based upon owners Jerry Jones and Georgia Frontiere. Jack Rose is based on talk show host Jim Rome. The film was influenced by the 1994 book You're Okay, It's Just a Bruise: A Doctor's Sideline Secrets written by Robert Huizenga, the intern doctor for the L.A. Raiders during the 1980s. Dan Marino's house was used in the film. 12 minutes were deleted for the Director's Cut version, and six minutes of new footage was added.


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