Wednesday, November 16, 2011

City of God (2002)

This is a solid Brazilian movie based on a true story. Cidade de Deus is a neighborhood in Brazil that was built by the government in 1960 to move poor blacks into the suburbs. Three teenagers known as the Tender Trio decide to rob a motel. A young boy nicknamed Li'l Dice comes along but is told to wait outside. After the other boys leave, he massacres the occupants. Rocket belongs to a group of hippies and he loves photography. He knows a lot of the boys in the gangs and is given an assignment by a local newspaper to photograph the battles between them.

The film is based on the 1997 semi-autobiographical novel by Paulo Lins. Most of the actors were residents of favelas, a type of shanty town. The real gang Caixa Baixa (Low Gang) is rumored to have compiled a list of everyone who participated. In Brazil, the nickname ‘chicken’ denotes popularity among women.


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