Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Romeo Must Die (2000)

This is an okay movie. An ongoing race war in Oakland, California pits blacks against Asians. When Han Sing (Jet Li) learns of his brother’s murder, he breaks out of a Hong Kong prison and flies to the United States to find the perpetrators. Trish (Aaliyah) flees from her father's bodyguard and gets into a taxi cab which was stolen by Han. At his brother's apartment, Han learns that the last number dialed was to the store that Trish works at. He follows her home and is told that her brother Colin was probably involved with a deal that went awry.

Aaliyah was killed in an airplane crash 17 months after the film was released. The film was almost entirely shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. The movie helped Jet Li become widely known to American audiences. The soundtrack includes four songs by Aaliyah.


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