Sunday, July 31, 2011

Simple Genius

This is an okay book written by David Baldacci. After their last adventure nearly killed them, King and Maxwell are out of work and fighting for their survival. Maxwell, having lost her edge and her confidence, now carries the burden of a death wish. Knowing his friend needs help, King takes her to a psychiatric facility. He then crawls back to his ex-lover for a job. The assignment she gives him seems simple enough, but soon it becomes apparent that he and Maxwell are being used in an elaborate conspiracy that could have dire consequences for national security.

Camp Peary has been closed to the public since 1951. It seems to be the location of a covert CIA training facility. The hunting lodge of Lord Dunmore, last royal governor of Virginia, still stands on the grounds of Camp Peary. This is the third novel to feature Sean King and Michelle Maxwell.


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