Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Magic Thief: Lost

This is an okay book written by Sarah Prineas. Conn, the young thief turned wizard’s apprentice, is still working to return the flow of magic to the city of Wellmet. But the situation has become urgent – his locus stone is missing, and bands of ruthless Shadows roam the streets. When Conn’s attempts to mix fire and magic result in the destruction of his master Nevery’s house, he tries to explain what happened. But Nevery doesn’t believe Conn’s story about him hearing strange voices through the fire during his experiments, so the wizard banishes him from Wellmet. Refusing to give us his quest, Conn travels to the shimmering desert city of Desh – home of the shadows – where he’ll face a powerful sorcerer king.

This is the second book of a trilogy.


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