Thursday, June 24, 2010

Battle for Atlantis

This is an old computer game that was released in 1990 by Soleau Software. The game is similar to Risk, and a single player competes against three computer players. There are production centers that give you extra soldiers and you can also lose men through earthquakes and rebellions. I haven’t been able to play the game since I bought a Compaq computer with Vista in 2007. Recently, I discovered that I can now play it again with a DOS emulator. These are the steps to play a DOS game:

1) Download DOSBox version 0.74.
2) Download the game (this website has images of the game with an overview)
3) Create a new folder to save the file in. I chose c:\program files\atlantis
4) If you cannot unzip the file, then download 7-zip.
5) Mount the game's folder to DOSBox and make sure to put quotes around the pathway. For example, type mount c "c:\program files\atlantis\atlant22" The atlant22 folder was created by the game inside of my original Atlantis folder.
6) Mount your cdrom drive, since mine is letter E, I typed mount d: e:\ -t cdrom (with the spaces)
7) Type c: and hit enter, then dir/w and it should show the exe file. Type in the name of that exe file (for example, atlantis.exe) and the game should load.
8) Once the game is setup the quickest way to open it is to have a desktop shortcut to DOSBox and then drag the .exe file into the program each time you want to play. Push alt & enter for the game to be in a full screen.


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