Monday, March 08, 2010

New Moon (2009)

This is an okay movie. Soon after Isabella Swan's (Kristen Stewart) 18th birthday, the Cullen family disappears from Forks, Washington, expecting that it will keep her out of danger. Edward's (Robert Pattinson) departure causes Bella to enter a severe depression, with nightmares and loneliness. Eventually she reconnects with her childhood friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), which gives her a respite from her emotional meltdowns. Jacob has a secret of his own and helps to protect her from an earlier nemesis.

This is the sequel to Twilight and the second story in the series. Some of the filming occurred in Montepulciano, Italy. The film's release set a few box office records: biggest midnight screening, biggest single day domestic gross, and third highest domestic opening weekend (behind The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3). The Quileute are a Native American tribe living in Washington, with only about 750 members remaining. According to their folklore, they are descended from wolves.


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