Monday, January 18, 2010

High Noon (1952)

This is a solid movie. On his wedding day, Will Kane (Gary Cooper) leaves his job as marshal of Hadleyville, New Mexico, to be with his Quaker wife. Before they can get started on their honeymoon, he discovers that the leader of a gang he arrested, is scheduled to arrive at noon to seek revenge. Kane decides that even if he no longer has the official title, he can’t abandon the town and dismisses the concerns of his wife. Unable to garner backup fighters, he must confront the gang of four alone.

It is based on the 1947 short story "The Tin Star" by John Cunningham. Gary Cooper was 28 years older than Grace Kelly. Some scenes were filmed in California. A documentary entitled "Inside High Noon" was made about the film and included an interview with President Bill Clinton. In 1951, Producer Carl Foreman was called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, because of his previous membership in the American Communist Party. John Wayne strongly despised the film.


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