Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shadow of the Hegemon

I liked this book written by Orson Card. After the space war is over, Ender is sent to colonize another planet, while his crew of child-warriors is sent back to Earth to return to their families. With the alien threat over, the nations wish to assert their sovereignty. The children who were in Ender’s army are suddenly kidnapped and only Bean is able to slip away. Bean asks Ender’s brother, Peter, for help since he already has a huge behind-the-scenes influence on the politics of Earth. Together they must fight off Achilles and attempt to achieve worldwide peace.

The whole focus of the book is on world politics about 200 years in the future. I enjoyed learning about the culture, geography and history of several countries. The two main countries mentioned in the book are Thailand and India and it was interesting to learn more about their governments. I was also interested in how several areas of the world were divided into certain loyalties.